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2 min read

Primer on Insurtechs: The Role of Insurtech in the Insurance Distribution Chain


What is an Insurtech?

An Insurtech is an insurance company (whether carrier or intermediary) which utilizes...

5 min read

The World of Insurtech: A Growing and Exciting Ecosystem

The last 5 years has witnessed an explosive growth in ‘Insurtechs’, start-up tech businesses funded by a combination of...

4 min read

Identifying and addressing unused code


As software applications grow, they can have areas that become unused. Identifying and addressing this code...

3 min read

BindHQ: Ideal Customers and Upcoming Product Features

This is our third and final post in the interview series with Cristian, our CEO at BindHQ. 

Cristian, what are the...

2 min read

BindHQ: Competitive Advantage

Today, we continue with our interview series with Cristian Joe, our CEO, as we discuss BindHQ’s competitive advantage...

3 min read

Data Mining Source Code History

Questions like “where are we?” and “where are we going?” only exist coherently within the context of “where have we...

3 min read

BindHQ: Beginnings

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing our CEO, Cristian Joe, about our company’s story and its development. 


2 min read

CCPA: A Primer for MGAs, Insurtechs, and Insurance Businesses

If your MGA or Insurtech business conducts any business in California, you should be aware of the California Consumer...

6 min read

Engineer Attention Budgeting

The metaphor of the budget is surprisingly helpful to engineers.

I somehow made it to my mid-20s before I seriously...

2 min read

Your Agency Management System: The Ultimate Witness to Your MGA’s Activities

As an MGA executive, there’s a lot resting on your shoulders. On any given day, you need to wrestle with multiple...